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Bill Gates Net Worth 2012

bill gates net worth 2012
Bill Gates with Mohammad Azzam of Project Horizon
January 27, 2012
Flickr: Imagine Cup
How much money does bill gates have in 2012? Surprisingly a lot, despite the fact that his donations have been quite generous over the past few years. Here's a fresh and poignant look at the fortune that the man has made and the legacy that he's building for the rest of the world.

Money Won't Solve Your Problems

"No" you say, then that's that, the spell didn't work on you.

I don't claim to have any magic of sorts, nor can I claim the power of belief. What I have are mere words that speak on their own as my fingers dance.

Turning Poop Into Water and Energy

Through the miracles of nanotechnology and with the efforts of Dr. Sarah Haigh from the University of Manchester, turning human waste, yes, including feces, into drinkable water and energy may soon be a possibility. It recently got a boost from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in the form of $100,000 in funding.

10 Reasons Why the Rich Won't Give You Money

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This is a very touchy topic and I hope this can help you if you really have any money problems. I'm writing this out of observations of the rich. I am not rich myself I just know their attitudes.

P.S. If you need financial help, go to or Just Giving.

A lot of people are wondering why the 1% aka the rich or the elite don't just go about and hand money like in Brewster's Millions. Yesterday, I wrote about a TED talk detailing why money can buy happiness and why money is best spent if we spend it on others. Yet the fact remains, that even if Bill Gates or other billionaires, promise to donate most of their wealth to charity, none of that money could ever reach you.

It could, but it won't be in cold hard cash. It could be in vaccinations, support from the government or education related which are funded by their foundations or charities.

This article would attempt to explain why.

3 Kinds of Adsense Bloggers - Is This You?

Everybody has someone to look up to. I've been an Adsense oriented blogger for quite some time now and there are only a few people on this planet I listen to when it comes to Adsense. I've heard so many but nobody treats the subject as professionally as Lisa.

Her candid openness and frank demeanor should be admired for the valuable information that she gives out. In this video made in Oct 2011, she gave me an insight about why I blog and why I continue to blog despite the measly earnings.

How to Buy Happiness Video at TED Talks

There's that perennial topic again, "Can money buy happiness?" this time it made its way to TED talks.
Michael Norton, "Prosocial Spending and Well-Being: Cross-Cultural Evidence for a Psychological Universal"  (National Bureau of Economic Research, Sept 2010)
Flickr: Napfisk

Bad Teacher

Stuart Chaifetz is a single dad who took a stand for his 10 year old son who has autism. His son was being verbally abused by the teacher and Stuart just decided that enough was enough. He put an audio recording device on his child so he can record all the abuse that the teacher did. I'm putting this non-money related blog post specially for those of you who are parents, and those of you who are parents of children with autism.

Need Cash? Try Reddit is a social news sharing website that has many functions. The vibrant community is home to many sub-reddits or basically sub-forums about anything and everything under the sun. One of these sub-reddits is called r/Loans and has been in existence now for at least a year. This is where fellow redditors or users can borrow or lend money to each other.

Unlike other established online peer lending groups - Reddit's r/loans is much more accessible and less stringent. It's not backed by a real bank like other online peer lending websites, the funds come from the members itself and doesn't have a share nor does it impose any fee when it comes to the earnings.

Play Diablo 3 FREE Today

I never bought anything that's being hyped. Because it is hyped. You can ask my wife about it. But for Diablo 3, I just might make an exception. An Open Beta is like an open testing phase for the game. They let you play for free until April 23 19:00 CEST.

You can download the free version of Diablo 3

How Much Money Will Diablo 3 Cost? 
If you buy the game in, it will cost you $59 USD. The collector's edition costs a staggering $208.71

How Much Money Will a Pre-Purchased Copy Cost?
For us here in Southeast Asia, $90 Singaporean Dollars or equivalent to PHP 3,070 or $72 USD.

Bill Gates' Energy Dreams

Bill Gates and Daniel Yergin on Clean Energy in the Third World
My fascination with Mr. Gates endeavors wake me up every morning to write about them. This is a man, who didn't stop with fulfilling his dream of getting a computer in every household in the world - he's done that. But it continues for almost every aspect for the betterment of humanity. One of his favorite causes is clean energy and has invested in several clean tech corporations like Terrapower, Sapphire Tech and Ecomotors International.

See: Bill Gates

New Bill Gates Comic Book: Will He Wear His Underwear Outside His Pants?

Seriously, Mr. Gates, you should have done something like this for the cover of your comic book. But they didn't.

Why This Cover? (Link is an affiliate link by the way. It might earn me 2 cents or .001 cent.)

I'm not so sure if Mr. Gates himself decided to use this legendary photo, but it just looks so, so, weird.

Why? Why? Why?!!!!

Nevertheless, I'm sure that it would be interesting. I just might make it my first Amazon buy, ever since it's only $7 bucks. Bill Gates: The co-creator of Microsoft


Warren Buffett Has Stage 1 Prostate Cancer

I must admit that I haven't spent much time in writing about the Oracle of Omaha. My mistake. The only thing I know about him is that he likes Coca Cola, wants equitable taxation policies for the rich and is a constant donor to Bill Gates' philanthropic endeavors through the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

A lot of people are writing right now about his health primarily because of succession issues. Like all wizened sages of finance and life, it seems that people are already anticipating a Steve Jobs' scenario. Hence, the obsession about his health.

Read: Why Warren Buffett Disclosed His Health Problems - BusinessWeek

TLDR: People are worrying about Buffett's health because of how it might affect Berkshire Hathaway and other related investments.

What saddens me about this, is the overemphasis on the importance of people's investments rather than the man's health himself. For all that he has done, he deserves more than just to be seen as a financial figurehead.

Mr. Buffett strikes me as a grandfatherly figure who could probably star in a Hollywood movie.

Well it seems that he has starred in the tv show the Office

He even has an IMDB profile as an actor:

I think it's high time that Mr. Buffett gets his own movie.

Bill Gates Donates $220 Million

Our philanthropic American idol Mr. Bill Gates is again making donations for the benefit of health and biotechnology. This time around he's funding a company called Aeras through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The amount donated is $220 Million.

Aeras is a company that is developing vaccines for Tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is a deadly disease that kills millions yearly specially in poverty stricken countries in Africa. In 2010 alone, it has killed 1.4 Million people.

Here is the List of Bill Gates Donations from 1995 to April 2010


Mrs. Melinda Gates with Health Workers in Kenya 2012
Photo Credit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Mrs. Gates in India 2011
Photo Credit: 2011 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Bill Gates donates $10 Million for Mobile Banking in Haiti ( June 2010)

Bill Gates donates $20 Million for Online Education (PCMag: Oct 2010)

Bill Gates donates $50 Million to Afghanistan and Pakistan for Polio, Pneumonia, Diphteria and Whooping Cough. (Businessweek: January 2011)

Idol man, Mr. Gates administering polio drops in Chad Sept 2011
Photo Credit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates Donates $750 M to fight AIDS, Malaria and TB (CNN: January 2012)

Bill Gates with FC Barcelona, July 28, 2011
Photo Credit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire? The Nerd

Forget that retirement calculator and let's get down to the basics of retirement. "How much money do I need to retire?" is a question that depends on who "I" is and what type of personality "I" has.

While financial and retirement experts would gloss over retirement terminologies such as 401ks, tax-deferred savings, investment plans, annuity and other nonsense - much of that wouldn't matter if you have an economic crisis eating up your investments and guys like these on the prowl:

"Bernie Madeoff with my Retirement"
Bernie Madoff picture - Flickr: Abode of Chaos

See How Madoff's Feeder Funds Stole My Retirement

Now that we've got that outta the way, let's start with

The Retiring Nerd
10 to 20 years down the line, there would be a few million nerds with expiring World of Warcraft version 20  subscriptions, level 2000 characters in LOTRO, 50,000 domain names to renew, a hundred blogs and just about a thousand social networking profiles - excluding their subscriptions to maintain.

So, better think about skimming down a little and think about what you'd like to play - right before you got logged out permanently.

Online estate planning is an important facet of retiring with thousands of nerds dying everyday. After all, you've spent so much time building up your relationships, contacts and friends list that suddenly dying without any message could start off a frenzy with friends posting and tagging photos of you - on your social media profiles.

If I Die Facebook App

Every magical retiring nerd has her own familiar gadget. These gadgets grow old too and one would have to replace them at least once a year. Better invest in gadgets with big buttons or bigger screens - the better to see with grampa!


If you really must invest in something for your old age, you might as well, invest in a costume that would last at least 20 years. Forget tight fitting spandex costumes, your sagging biceps and other "sensitives" would be too much to handle for the next generation to see.

You might want to consider Batman's utility belt - in this way, you could bring along your xray sunglasses, adult diapers and Google "Glass" spectacle holder to target fellow convention goers and zap them to oblivion - by showing your false teeth.

You could almost imagine asking yourself the perennial question of "How much money do I need to retire?" while going PvP against an 8 year old on some MMO and then thinking "Mom's garage would do just fine."

Face it, retirement also means "getting ready to die".

Estate planning could get really complicated. Like who would get your collection of X-Men Comic Books? Who gets to inherit your level 200 character with that cool (and expensive) flaming sword? Who would have to renew your domains? Yada, yada, yada.

Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of online services that provide online wills which save you a lot of money.

Here comes the fun part - any self respecting nerd (at least a star trek nerd) needs to find a final resting place. Fortunately, Eternal Image has come up with a sublimely unique idea that would help your fellow comic con goers hold a mini star trek convention on your funeral with these:

Eternal Image - Klingon Casket

Eternal Image - Federation Casket
Eternal Image - Star Fleet Delta Casket

It's here that the question, how much money do I need to retire (as a nerd) can finally be put to rest.

Live long and prosper.


Housing Expenses
  - Utility
  - Rent
Living Expenses
  - Food
  - Groceries
  - WoW Subscription (or any other MMORPG)
  - Gadget fund
  - Travel
Rainy Day Fund
Medical Expenses
Gadget Fund
Legal Preparation
  - Estate Planning
  - Online Wills
Dying Fund
  - Burial Expenses
  - Star Trek Casket
Las Vegas Fund
Something to Give the Kids Fund
Pocket Money

The Ten Commandments

We've all broken it. 

Are Online Competitions For Money Really Win-Win?

Recently, I've been doing a lot of soul searching.

I joined a contest where I poured 30 days of my life in and sacrificed not only time, but also money. The prize money for this online competition is $10,000 of which, $1,500 will be going to the website. So that's $8,500.

At the onset, I thought I had a chance and proceeded to give it my all. I spent money to hire talented musicians so I could add a bit of zest to the animation. I learned to animate. I did a lot of research and convincing. I sacrificed time from my family. But I now think, that it was not enough. My wife is pregnant.

The contest isn't actually over, we're still waiting for the results.

Looking over the other entries, I can't help but feel that all of us - did the best that we could with what we had.

There was even a kid who kept on posting entries even though it is very obvious that he has never done this before. Just like me, he really thought that he had a chance to win.

Gamification Only Has 2 Winners - Everybody Else Becomes a Loser

There's been a lot of hype about gamification - or as the Urban Dictionary put it, "The process of turning the world as it is experienced into a computer game."

In online competition websites, joining and making money sometimes does feel like a game.

More people join > More exposure
More exposure > More traffic
More traffic > More money
More money > More people join

But this cycle has a problem, there can only be one winner.

Contests turn the contest holder and 1 contestant into winners - and makes everybody else a loser.

In other words, two people become happy and everybody else feels bad.

Enough that it turns people into trolls attacking each other in forums.

So are online competitions really worth it?

Indeed, in this case - money did cost too much.

Did You Win the Mega Millions $656 M Dollars?

If you are one of the three lucky souls who have just won the Mega Millions lottery, 


Your head might be spinning

Flickr: Ollie T

You might be thinking of quitting your job

Flickr: Noeliminal

or you might even be hankering to buy all the things you never had with all those moolah. 

Flickr: TobanBlack

Ok, ok, just sit down, take a deep breath and relax on your dusty old couch with your dog, if you have one

Flickr: Spacemanor

Don't change anything, go to work on Monday, use a bus if you don't have a car, don't buy anything that you would not have bought when you didn't have the money.

You might think that you're smart enough and that it would take yours to burn through a hundred million, trust me - you'd burn through it faster than you can say Mega Millions!  

Flickr: Images of Money

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