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Money Changes Your Life

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"Money changed my life..." 

...Are often the last few words of many a fool who thought that money has the power to change the very fabric of their lives. 

Picture a walk to the nearby convenience store to buy a solitary lottery ticket on a whim. 

On a cold and foggy afternoon, with a few dollars in your pocket you head out to take that proverbial leap of faith thinking to yourself that even if you don't win, at least some other lucky schmoe will get all the dough and maybe use it to change the world. 

With your numbers at hand, memorized at heart you pay for the ticket and pray to whatever deity you believe in. 

Then all of the frustrations in your life come rolling by as you stretch your arms to do whatever it is that you need to do to set your appointment with destiny.

You could almost picture yourself, triumphantly riding that high carriage of pride and wealth where everybody else has to bow as they do in all the TV shows that you have seen. 

Money buys happiness, money buys influence, which buys power, which buys more money

You've seen Bill Gates do it with his billions, wouldn't that be a great feeling? 

To just give money away like you were some financial messiah or hero and save people's lives or change it for the better. 

Such a feeling is a world away from what you are feeling today. At the bottom of the rut, hopeless, listless, deprived and wanting of everything that you see in this world. So with one fell stroke, you kiss the fingers of destiny's hand and hope that it will all change. 

It has to change. 

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