Money How Much: Make Money Blog Post Roundup 5/1/2012

Total Blog Earnings If Each of You Donated 1 Dollar

Make Money Blog Post Roundup 5/1/2012

Some blogs got it and some don't. Some lie, some tell some half truths and some only tell part of the truth. The thing that gets me the most is this - they won't even give you a single cent. No sir. No free lunch. No free cup of coffee. Just words. Hee hee.

But wouldn't you know it, at least you'll get some fascinating long reads and free newsletters too! All for the incredible price of tan tan tan tan. Free!

Seriously, these are good reads.

  • My Blog Made Over 2 Million in Sales: How's that for ROI - Marcus Sheridan talks about the importance of tracking user behavior in his website and basically trashes Google Analytics because it can't distinguish between leads, eyeballs and clicks. Pretty interesting stuff if you're a stat geek. Come on Marcus, give us some of that dough.
  • Make Money with Your Blog / How to Repurpose Old Content to Create New Products - Danny Brown shows a diagram about the different levels of bloggers. Unfortunately, after 4 years of blogging I'm still at the beginners level. He also talks about interesting ways how you could use video and Webinars to make money. As much as I want to do webinars, I just can't. Maybe someday. Somedayyyyyyyyyy.
  • Is Affiliate Marketing a Useful Tool? - This is a little old, January 2012. But hey it comes from the New York Times itself which sells its issues at $5 for 12 weeks. If you ask me, they should just acquire Mashable. The article talks about nexus tax laws - ya starcraft taxes. No not really. Taxes levied on sellers that use affiliate marketers. The article is packed with statistics and all that fancy mumbo jumbo, that makes it quite an interesting read - if you're a business statistician. It ends up asking the same question to their readers, which is sort of annoying.

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