Money How Much: How much money do you get for donating blood?

Total Blog Earnings If Each of You Donated 1 Dollar

How much money do you get for donating blood?

You must be one sad fella, you shouldn't be worrying too much about money. If you're desperate enough to think that you need to donate your plasma, then that means you are really desperate.


I assume that you don't have a job online or offline. Or you're looking into making some extra money on the side. Donating your blood isn't going to bring you a lot. What you need to do is find an online job.

Blood is the life giving fluid that you need in order to survive. If you think that money is more important than life, then you seriously need to sort out your priorities.

Are You Sad?

If you are just sad and lonely, then you should check out The Online Safe House. It is a site that helps people who have been bullied and who overall got a sucky life.

Life is good, so don't think about donating blood as a business idea. 

Selling bananas is better than donating blood for money. Really, I personally know someone who goes to the forest and finds a banana tree to sell and feed his family with what little it could give. Don't do it.

If you are just someone who feels that nobody cares, just comment here. I care :)

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