Money How Much: Social Spark: Internet Business Experiment 01-08022010

Total Blog Earnings If Each of You Donated 1 Dollar

Social Spark: Internet Business Experiment 01-08022010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Using the scientific method to verify whether you can make money through your blog using social spark

This is the first Internet business experiment that will be fully documented on this blog. In order to validate the findings, the Scientific Method will be used as described in this Wiki. Data used will be directly quoted to save time and effort.
  1. Define the question
  2. Gather information and resources (observe)
  3. Form hypothesis
  4. Perform experiment and collect data
  5. Analyze data
  6. Interpret data and draw conclusions that serve as a starting point for new hypothesis
  7. Publish results
  8. Retest (frequently done by other scientists)


1. The Question

Can we make money from blogging using Social Spark?

2. Observations

  • Social Spark is an offshoot of Izea's PayPerPost. (Direct Quotes)
    • Google lowers the page rank of blogs with certain types of advertising links on them, and most of PayPerPosts opportunities led to lowered page ranks for the blogger.
    • SocialSpark posts paid blogging opportunities, and if you are interested and your blog is eligible, you sign up! Then you write an appropriate entry, and if you follow the guidelines, you get paid.
    • SocialSpark never tells you what to write. It is always expected that your posts will be your honest opinion. Perhaps most importantly, SocialSpark, unlike PayPerPost, is 100% search engine friendly.
  • Google search term "make money using Social Spark" netted these results:
    • Ben Spark's How to make money using Social Spark (Direct Quotes Below)
      • Sometimes advertisers want to sponsor an entire blog for a set number of days
      • You can sign up for an affiliate program and promote it using the ad units that are available. This includes text links, Facebook links, twitter links, and banner ads. 
      • Cost Per Click opportunities give you various Ad units to use. However with Cost Per Click you are paid when someone clicks the link that you post through your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. You can do a pretty decent amount of money by posting a few links in various places. (Read more in
    • The Dragon Blogger claims to earn $100 a month on Social Spark. Claim independently unverified.
    • Scolex, indicated that Social Spark has a code of ethics that guarantees the quote unquote, "addition of the "nofollow" tag in the links to avoid search engine penalty"
    • eHow Article on How to Blog at Social Spark.
  • Google search term "how much money i made using social spark" netted these results.
    •, wrote an article entitled "are you making money using social spark"
      • Quoted, "From what I see, the opps are not paying well" 
      • Quoted, There is "another type of sponsored ad which if I am not mistaken is an ugly pop up ad that momentarily freeze your site"
      • Quoted comment in blog, "So far I’ve been using SocialSpark and I have to say they’re really not bad.. In the initial stage, the opportunities are much easier to get with bigger brand names like Dockers. But I do notice that it’s getting harder to grab opportunities now."
      • Quoted comment in blog, "all social spark posts are no-follow. But if advertisers prefer do-follow, they can use PayPerPost."
3. Hypothesis 

Majority of information collected is speculative, promotional and unverified. Though the premise of Social Spark is good, data verification is needed on whether it is indeed possible to earn on a scale that is worth mentioning. 

Working Hypothesis is, "yes it is possible to earn money through Social Spark.

4. Perform Experiment and Collect Data

This blog post is the experiment. Documented as IBE-01-08022010. Results in progress. The beginning of the experiment is an opportunity to post about "Signing Up for Social Spark"

  • Experiment Parameters:
    • Include 9 of Aletheia Media's Blogs to make a blog post about Social Spark Signup
    • Payoff is $5 per 200 to 300 word post
    • All are PR0 blogs with existing content
    • Expected payoff is 9 x 5 = $45
  • Data Collection
    • Results pending 
    • Results will be included here in the same blog post as updates. 
    • Results will appear right after the next horizontal rule. Data Analysis will appear after the second horizontal rule.

1. Only the first blog submitted to Social Spark will be compensated. This blog post will be posted to instead of 
2. Direct Quote of Note
  • "Only the first blog you submit will be eligible to take a post on this Opportunity. Your blog must meet certain marketplace standards in order for you to receive payment for this Opportunity; all blogs must comply with the SocialSpark Terms and Conditions and pass a manual review. If your blog is permanently rejected, this post will not be paid, so please make sure you have reviewed the terms before taking this Sponsored Post Opportunity! You may review the Terms and Conditions here"
  • Social Spark Terms and Conditions
3. Initial observation indicates that having multiple blogs submitted to Social Spark will still net the same amount of payoff, which is $5. 
4. Initial estimated payoff of $45 is now disqualified.

5. Data Analysis - Pending as of August 02, 2010
6. Interpret Data and Draw Conclusions - Pending as of August 02, 2010
7. Publish Results - Pending as of August 02, 2010
8. Retest - Pending as of August 02, 2010

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