Money How Much: Bill Gates Money How Much of it Does He Give Away?

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Bill Gates Money How Much of it Does He Give Away?

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Last updated: August 29, 2013

Bill Gates’ net worth in 2010 ranges from $53 Billion to $58 Billion Dollars according to and various other websites. I’d like to point out that net worth is not money. So when you say that Bill Gates has a net worth of 53 Billion Dollars, that does not mean that he has 53 Billion Dollars in his bank account.

I hope that’s clear. I would assume that with that much money, Bill Gates doesn’t even have a dollar in his pocket. He probably uses his retina to pay for things.

There are other ways to see how much money he has. One way is through donations.

Here is the semi complete list of donations that Bill Gates has made over the years.

1. University of Washington ($10,000,000) from May 6, 1996
2. Harvard University ($20,000,000) from October 30, 1996
3. Focus: HOPE and Detroit Public Library ($2,000,000) from April 29, 1997

Tycoon donates millions to library

4. Atlanta University Center ($1,200,000) from June 2, 1997
  • Hardware, Software, Technical Support ("Gates donates computer equipment to Atlanta University Center schools" The Atlanta Journal, page A1)
5. District of Columbia Library System ($1,000,000) from June 5, 1997
Gates donates to libraries

6. William H. Gates Foundation ($115,000,000) from June 19, 1997
  • William H. Gates Foundation ("Gates donates company stock worth $115,000,000 to his private foundation" The Spectator)
7. Glenvil, Nebraska Community Park Renovations ($5,000) from November 27, 1997
  • Community Park ("Gates donates $5000 to help small town cause" DeseretNews)
8. Enoch Pratt Free Library ($240,000) from March 24, 1998
  • Establish Computer Training Center ("Bill Gates donates money to BaltimoreAP)
Gates donates money to Baltimore

9. UN Population Fund for Developing States ($1,700,000) from April 24, 1998
  • Three year grant for population program in poor nations. Also to promote, exchange and experience in computer technology ("Short Take: U.N. population fund gets money from Gates", CNET)
10. Duke University ($20,000,000) from September 13, 1998
11. Seattle Public Library ($20,000,000) from November 26, 1998
12. Vaccines for Developing Nations ($100,000,000) from December 2, 1998
  • World Child Health Care ("Gates Donates to World Child Health Care" Chicago Tribune)
13. MIT ($20,000,000) from April 14, 1999
"The money will be used to construct a new computer lab building named the William H. Gates Building that will be part of MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science (LCS)."
14. International AIDS Vaccine Initiative ($25,000,000) from May 5 1999

15. The Admiral Theater in Bremerton ($300,000) from July 13, 1999
  • "The William H. Gates Foundation has donated $300,000 to support ongoing programs at a downtown arts center." ("Donation supports ongoing programs", Ellensburg Daily Record)
Admiral Theatre repainted

16. World Neighbors ($4,000,000) from August 24, 1999

  • "Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has approved a grant of $4 million for expanding and sustaining reproductive health and family planning in rural communities of Asia, Africa and Latin America. The three-year grant will be used to expand and strengthen programs in rural India, Nepal, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Haiti and Ecuador." ("World Neighbors Awarded $4 Million From Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation" Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Press Release)
17. Amazonian People's Resources Initiative ($225,000) from September 8, 1999
  • "A University of Kansas-based project aimed at improving reproductive health conditions in the Peruvian Amazon, today announced the receipt of a $225,000 grant from Bill and Melinda Gates. The grant supports APRI's radio program, "Bienvenida la vida" or "Welcome to Life," which broadcasts to more than one million people living in Peru, Columbia, Brazil and Ecuador." ("The Amazonian Peoples Resources Initiative Receives A $225,000 Grant From Bill and Melinda Gates" Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Press Release)
18. International Rescue Committee ($2,000,000) from October 6, 1999
  • "$2 million grant from Bill and Melinda Gates to strengthen and enlarge the agency’s health program for refugees around the world. This is the largest institutional award the IRC has ever received for its health programs." ("Bill and Melinda Gates Give IRC $2 Million Gift" International Rescue Committee)

19. Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Center for International Development ($25,000,000) from November 16, 2000

  • Fight HIV/AIDS in Nigeria ("NIGERIA: Bill Gates Donates Funds for AIDS Prevention"
20. Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) (£100,000,000/ approx $621,240,000) from January 25, 2005
  • Child health care for developing nations ("Billionaire Gates donates £400m to vaccine scheme"
21. UN Sponsored International Health Fund ($500,000,000) from August 10, 2006
  • Drugs prolonging life of AIDS victims, food for AIDS orphans, training for Health Care Workers ("On eve of T.O. visit, Bill Gates donates a half-billion dollars to fight AIDS" Toronto Star Archives)
22. South African Federation of the Urban Poor ($10,000,000) from November 22, 2007
23. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ($725,900,000 to $915,000,000) from February 15, 2008
  • The donation was made in the form of Microsoft Stocks which at the time were valued at a low of $29 to a high of $37.50 hence the range. ("Gates Donates Stock to his foundation" TheStar
24. Male Circumcision in Africa ($50,000,000) from June 15, 2009
  • ("Bill Gates helps fund mass circumcision programme" New Scientist)
25. University of Edinburgh (£1,360,000 or approx. $2.1 million) from April 8, 2009
  • Research for Childhood Pneumonia ("Bill Gates donates £1.3 million for childhood pneumonia research" Telegraph)

26. Rotary International ($255,000,000) from January 21, 2009
27. Clinton Foundation ($25,000,000) from January 2, 2010
  • HIV/AIDS treatment, helping cities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and inspiring millions of children to lead healthier lives ("Mayor Bloomberg, Bill Gates top list of donors to William J. Clinton Foundation" NYDailyNews)
28. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others ($10,000,000,000) from January 29, 2010
29. Farmers' Fund ($30,000,000) from April 22, 2010
  • Farmers in Ghana and Rwanda ("Bill Gates donates £20m to kickstart fund for farmers" TheGuardian)

If you had that kind of money how much of it will you give away?

*Update. Hi Reddit.
The continuation of this saga is here: Gates Donations 2nd Half 2010 to Present